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3D Motion Graphics project
Been asked me to make a furry animal text. 
That sounded quite exciting and I got really into it as it was a good challenge, and i'm always up for a good challenge - although I said from the start that was my first experience with 'Hair' in C4D.
Turned up to be a bit of a nightmare due to the short time to get this done and the fact that the 'hair' module with Cinema 4D is very unstable - faced a lot of challenges to get it working properly but all turned up alright in the end. So here are some of the different types of 'fur' that I got involved doing it over the time.
I'm happy to make a tutorial on this or explain some of problems with dynamics that I got over the way. 
I did read a lot about it and spoke with people that where way smarter than me that helped me out to figure out some of the problems that I found while doing it. The look itself was pretty simple to do, just had a handful of issues with making dynamics to stop react when you want them to stop.
Will post the animation of it soon! Meanwhile, here are some shots.