Animal Series-Floating zoo(Complete)
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    Animal Series-Floating zoo
This series has gone through more than three months time, this is an attempt to maintaina calm state of creative power.
About this series, although starting from the accident, but the long process, there had been more and more to express the topic, so I was doing the interview made ​​a relevant:So I have a ignorant feeling,the distance between people become far, but the distance between people and animals are getting closer,indicating that a person living in a cement house,This city life is very desolate and lonely.Though we have friends,and colleagues,and neighbors,but our everyday all end in the between cements,lack of between souls mate.There is no doubt that pet a good solution to this problem,they are so attached to people,they have not dispute and differences with you.That's have removed a little cold when we life in the space between the cement,so a little soul peace.People are social animals,this requires some communication in spirit,resulting in a psychological sense of security.
People think animals are cute,so will have a lot of emotions,and their lovely often because our own mental activity by the animals,we feel that the animals' brains have the running,thinking,sad,or angry.So the animals are very cute when you treat animals like human beings, they are pure, loyal,reliable and so sincere,no pressure to get along with people.So the animals are very cute when you look the animals like human we get along with animals is no pressure.These people's valuable quality,make animals given the soul glory.
Out of this experience,I created those animals one after another,Let everyone see my paintings of animals,they will not help to think,and then think that this animal is so cute.Pearl is also an occasional whim of inspiration. Since ancient times, people with jewelry have too much story.In my works it has been a symbol of humanity to demand excessive wealth.It is to increase anthropomorphic props,it makes the soul of the animals closer to human beings,when people see animals wearing pearls like to see herself in the mirror,let's causing lenovo and reflection.
In addition, the combination of animal and pearl have more fairy tale kind of strong color, which is I want to strengthen, this is a fairy tale for adults.Human must face its own  existence, face their soul are lonely and dying.

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Tool:005# Needle pen on the paper
Size:38.8cm X 54.8cm