Explora – Brand Identity

Where can exploration take us?

Explora was born from an impulse: to discover the marvels of the remotest territories in the world. Over a journey of more than 25 years, they have become world-class pioneers of exploration. And having blazed so many trails, they couldn’t ignore the responsibility inherent to all the knowledge they’ve gathered throughout their path — the commitment to conserve the territories they connect with every day.

They reached a decisive point that called for reaffirming the genuine kind of exploration that makes them stand out, and taking even further steps towards the greater purpose of conservation. It was time to create a clear differentiation from other brands in the field, to empower their own essence and unfold it as a truly authentic identity.

The color palette combines a set of neutral tones, that allow nature and the remote landscapes to stand out and speak for themselves. The photography guidelines depict the idea of “go deeper” through particular angles, the use of zoom & macro lenses, expert crop, and focus and contrast play, so as to represent the entire universe of Explora through the lens of the brand’s own personality.

Our starting point was an apparently simple question: “where can exploration take us?”. As we unraveled the essence of Explora, we found out that exploration is so much more than we first thought. We discovered exploration is the journey to conservation.

Our whole plan set off from this insight, revealing a journey that goes well beyond the surface. It involves a never-ending cycle: explore the territory, connect with it, know its uniqueness, and then you’ll be empowered and inspired to conserve it. Once complete, the sequence naturally starts over. This is true and meaningful exploration. And we finally understood that the key is to always go deeper.

Explora’s new identity follows the same principle: to ignite the desire of a deep, real bond with nature and remote regions.

We sought to develop the brand’s original visual codes into an even stronger expression. The new identity conveys the aura of an exploration expert, the most powerful enabler of conservation.


Advisory: Andrew Payne, Chris Campbell, Daniella Bianchi
Direction: Beto Almeida, Gil Bottari, Rodrigo Marques, Sergio Cury
Strategy: Anne Grecco, Amanda Villas-Bôas, Caroline Carvalho, Cecília Martins, Isabella Mota
Visual Identity: André Bitelli, Danilo Toledo, Diogo Aso, Erick Fugii, Marcelo Siqueira, Victor Eguchi, Victor Garcia
Motion Identity: Diogo Aso, Erick Fugii
Illustration: Francisco Martins
Brand video: Histeria! and Abacateiro Filmes
Verbal Identity: Felipe Valério, Camilla Cossermelli, Pedro Kastelic

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Explora – Brand Identity