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Catalysts of life

In an ageing world, where the birth rate is drastically shortening with each passing year, our future depends on our ability as a society to enable new generations full of life to develop personally and professionally and at the same time to conceive the next generations.

Renowned clinics in Europe are committed to being part of the cultural revolution in favour of assisted reproduction, with the aspiration of creating a culture of reproductive health and care that contributes to bringing human life to our planet, for a healthier and more prosperous world.

To develop a brand that allows the creation of the first European group specialised in assisted reproduction treatments, integrating 5 different brands and cultures in a new competitive structure.
Following a diagnosis of the business model, the culture of the different existing brands and the current market in the countries where they operate, we created a positioning territory that speaks of leading change in a society that is not well informed about fertility and is educated for contraception, with the aim of changing the fertility paradigm, communicating about reproduction with scientific evidence and human truths to create an empowered community that is knowledgeable about their fertility.

With the mission of consolidating the group in this territory, we created a new positioning under the value proposition "Catalysts of life". This group will oversee catalysing a more real, closer, and more human perception of fertility, of uniting science and humanity in a single concept, of making something complex into something accessible, of being the spark that makes things happen in our own bodies and gradually change the way we think about fertility.
The positioning and differential value proposition for the new brand acts as an umbrella and guide for the brands that make up the group. To this end, we developed an Overbrand architecture model; a single spirit united by identity, concentrating value in the same direction while maintaining competitive freedom, with the future objective of migrating to a single Brand.

We created a Tone of Voice aligned with the new Brand platform, providing it with everyday resources that evoke closeness and warmth and creating differential resources that transmit the powerful messages of a brand with scientific rigour that looks to the future and contributes to making it happen.
Visual Identity
The visual identity evokes life sciences and uses each asset consciously, to enable the brand to lead the change in assisted reproduction in Europe.

The shapes of the logo simulate the beginning of everything: the strands of DNA. This wink represents life and at the same time scientific advancement, at a time when humanity knows more than ever about the relevance of these helixes and their role in shaping who we are as people.

We build a strong visual system in which every asset speaks the same language, maximising brand recognition and ownership at all touch points and avoiding the visual system of our competitors: undifferentiated.

The palette of warm nude colours and mature greens, set against an everyday photographic style and precise but simple illustrations help to translate the scientific and human personality of the group into the visual identity; as a whole, the identity represents scientific technology and human care coming together to create life.​​​​​​​
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