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Call of Duty Mobile - User Acquisition Campaigns

As part of the User Acquisition team on Call of Duty: Mobile at Activision, I am regularly tasked with developing video advertisements featuring unique game modes, characters, weapons, customization, and mechanics. Some videos are more targeted in what’s being advertised while others are a celebration of play styles, memes, and greater community culture.  Most projects are executed with a variety of skills and tools, ranging from 3D animation, 2D motion graphic design & animation, real-time graphics rendering with Unreal Engine 5, and gameplay capture editing.
"Pre-match Argument" Ad
"Back in Style" Ad
"COD:M Musical" Ad
"Arctic .50 - Zodiac Beast" Weapon Ad
"Bigger Fish" Ad
Mythic Weapon Customization Ad
Selfie Promo
Dancing Operator Promo
Pre-match Emote Pathways Ad GFX
GFX scenes at :01, :03, :09, :12, :15, :18
Undead Siege: Nightmare Mode Promo
Call of Duty Mobile: "Gunsmith" Feature Ad
Call of Duty Mobile: Game Features Ad
CG sequences at :08, :10, :12, :29, :32
Call of Duty Mobile: Character Highlight Ads
Call of Duty Mobile: Character Loops
Edited video and audio with sound effects, music, CG GFX, pre-rendered trailers, and gameplay footage.
Captured gameplay in marketing build of the game with User Acquisition team.
Manipulated template assets made by the UA team to fit new layouts.
Animated in-software camera around weapon in 3D.
Prepared and rendered 3D sequences for use in After Effects.
Added lighting, particles, and other atmospheric effects.
Prepared video and photo files for various promotion on social media platforms.

Software and Plug-Ins
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere Pro
Red Giant Trapcode Particular
Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks
Maxon Cinema 4D
Video Copilot Element 3D 
Autodesk Maya
Unreal Engine 5

Videos made in collaboration with the User Acquisition team and Marketing Creative Audio team at Activision Blizzard for promotional use.

All videos and images are property of Activision Blizzard 2021-2022.
Call of Duty Mobile - User Acquisition Campaigns