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Sight Extended (Film) VFX showcase
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Sight Extended
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// Story: 
In a near future dominated by augmented-reality eyepieces, a troubled young man who suffers from agoraphobia experiences an unlikely transformation when he comes across a mysterious app that transforms every facet of his life into a game.

// About:
This Kickstarter funded Indie film has over 600 VFX shots depicting a world covered with augmented reality UI's and games.
Here's a taste from what the team and myself have created:
// Technology and UI: 
The smart contact lenses depicted in the film enable holographic user interfaces and games to be projected over the real world. Therefore you'll see a mix of spatial, volumetric, and HUD based UI's. This posed an interesting challenge, trying to reimagine how traditionally flat UI's such as social media / navigation / gaming would be adapted to spatial scenarios where they are embedded onto real word surfaces and locations. 
// Holographic projection iris 
In each P.O.V shot, there's a subtle halo around the edge of the frame. This represents the operating system built into the Sight lenses that project the holograms over the real world. In the film there are three distinct phases where the iris changes it's appearance: 

Blue - The 'vanilla' Sight O.S that everyone has
Green - Sight O.S modified with REFRESH's custom A.I 
Yellow - The Parabelle facility's own custom O.S

// Visual language
Each operating system phase has a visual language playbook designed, with it's own distinctive look  and personality. 
Later, all the shots and games in the film we're designed based on these basic visual components.
// Credits
Created and Directed by: Eran May-Raz & Daniel Lazo 
VFX supervisor / Art director: Daniel Lazo
Sr. Art Director: Jayse Hansen

VFX Artists: 
Daniel Lazo
Eran May-Raz 
Serhii Romashkin 
Darby Faccinto 
Sight Extended (Film) VFX showcase

Sight Extended (Film) VFX showcase

Sight Extended is a feature length Sci-fi thriller created by Daniel Lazo and Eran May-Raz. The film is based on the 2021 short film SIGHT, depic Read More