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Industrial Design
Barrier-Free Mouse / Personal Project / 2021.06.24 - 2021.08.19

All-in is a mouse modeled after All-in's 'combination'. This product is for both people with hand amputation disabilities and patients with carpal tunnel syndrome who are uncomfortable to use the mouse.​​​​​​​
It is difficult for people with hand amputation disabilities to use a regular mouse due to the nature of their body structure. Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome often experience wrist pain due to fatigue accumulated on their wrists when using a mouse for a long time. They focused on the "wrist" that they commonly feel uncomfortable with.
Hand-cutting disabled people often wear functional prosthetics at home, but beauty is important, but office mice are hard to carry or make people think they are disabled. It's a perfect mouse design for anyone who wants to prevent or reduce wrist pain, as well as hand amputation.
Ergonomic design helps prevent or reduce wrist pain. If you put your arm on it, you can use it at a higher angle about 15 degrees. The left mouse button tilts inward freely, so it is clicked at approximately 45 degrees. Considering that it is difficult to turn the arm outward, it is designed to click by tilting the right mouse button 20 degrees outward.
Magnetic chargers are convenient for people with hand-cutting disabilities.

Barrier-Free Mouse

A mouse that can be used together with ergonomic design

Designed By H.G