saguaro washbasin
a new interface for children (Master Product Dissertation)
this research was about product design in the child'sspace and consists in the development of a new washbasin system for childrenfrom 3 to 6 years for use in any playground or nursery school, that reshapeshis traditional way, encouraging cognitive development through an interactiveexperience.

the need for greater ecological awareness was the starting point for thedevelopment of this new washbasin system that not only fulfills the role ofhygiene generally associated with him, as enables the implementation ofpedagogical strategies focusing on the conscious use of water.

this washbasin system through an interactiveexperience, communicates visually and verbally (through the illuminated buttonsand verbal messages) with the users. this has revealed features that lead thechild to watch what it is transmitted and act properly, leading to theconclusion that a washbasin system with characteristics similar to thosepresented in this project can be an asset for better environmental education ofchildren and enriching in the process of human development.

with protocol support of
Carnegiea gigantea or saguaro, a desert cactus
concept sketch
method of use
3d render
'making-of' a working prototype
playground application 
testing the prototype with children
testing the prototype with children
testing the prototype with children