Campaign Summary
#1 Bet on the cinema
Back Translation: Bet on the number of unsold seats 2 hours before the show.
#2 Bet on the real-time traffic
Back Translation: Which side will the next car come from, left or right?
#3 Bet on the cockroach
Back Translation: Bet on the number of cockroaches inside the trap after 3 days.
#4 Bet on the temperature
Back Translation: Which place will have a higher temperature at this moment?

#5 Bet on the lift
Back Translation: Which door will open next: left, middle or right?

#6 Bet on Mary's foetus in Hong Kong
What's the secrets behind making real-life bets?

IP camera images are available on internet. Despite its live surveillance function, those cameras never before had been creatively used in advertising. By first time we applied IP camera technology into online gaming: let people bet on the real-life scenarios via IP camera.

How can we bet on real-time traffic? We grab the IP camera images from a live webcam located at Slovenia and analysis the image by an remote application on a PC. Technically, we mark 18 sampler areas on each side of the road, and compare each sampler area by pixels to find the difference between live image and "reference" image. The "reference" image is a clear road image. When a car appears on the road and the samplers difference hit the result requirements, the application sends a result message to the server. Therefore, our system can check the players' bet (left or right) and update the result instantly.

Another example is to bet on which lift door open next. We hijack the CCTV of a commercial building in China. In the live images, we compare sampler area on each lift door by pixels, finding the difference between the live image and “doors-closed” image.

Campaign site:
user name: demoplayer
password: demoplayer

Creative Team: Mark Kong, Quentin Yeong, Kitty Tang, Zoe Kuo
ECDs: Spencer Wong, Nick Lim
Programmer: Elvis Lo
Editor: Paul Swee

Major Awards:
Gold Cyber Lotus at Adfest
1 Silver & 2 Bronzes at Media Spike Asia
Best of the Show, Kam Fan Interactive & Direct Award
5 Golds & 1 Bronze at Kam Fan Award
Gold at ROI Festival (China)