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Brian Stovsky Offers These Tips For Recent Business

Brian Stovsky Offers These Tips For Recent Business Graduates Looking to Further Their Career
Finding a job and advancing your career takes a lot of work. Brian Stovsky provides advice.

Looking to start your business career on solid footing? While careers in business can be rewarding and the right degrees can open a lot of doors, the right steps early in your career may help ensure success later on. Fortunately, business expert Brian Stovsky is going to offer some sage insights.

“The most important thing after university, in my opinion, is to keep an open mind,” Brian Stovsky says. “Sometimes, the best opportunities pop up in unexpected places. By staying flexible, you can identify great opportunities, and perhaps chances others miss.”

As the end of your university program approaches, it’s wise to start doing market research to understand where the greatest needs are.
Already out of school? Don’t worry, market research still pays off. If you can find areas where your skills are in demand, not only might you land a great job, but you may pave the way for fast promotions.

Right now, for example, cybersecurity experts are in demand owing to pipeline hacks, foreign government intrusions, ransomware, and other issues. Do you have any skills that allow you to increase cybersecurity?

Rather than focusing on a specific role, it’s wise to keep an open mind and to search around. By identifying what businesses need and where critical shortages are, you can figure out how to best position your skills.

“I worked for one of the top business consulting firms in the world, and later I worked in investing,” Brian Stovsky points out. “In both cases, I first identified critical needs. Then I positioned myself to help meet those needs.”

If you’re having trouble opening doors, consider spending some volunteering or tapping into other opportunities to meet people and show off your skills. Networking is key to furthering your career. However, networking isn’t limited to conferences and business happy hours.

“I’ve volunteered with various organizations and events over the years, and it helped me meet people,” Brian Stovsky says. “I also play in a local hockey league, and that helps me meet people as well. I don’t necessarily go into these activities looking to make connections, but the more people you meet, the more connections you make.”

Brian Stovsky Discusses Stand Out Performance At Work
Once you’ve landed a job, the work has just begun. If you want to advance, you need to show off your skills and highlight your talent while also creating meaningful personal relationships.

“I always work hard to maintain good relationships with the people I work with,” Brian Stovsky says. “I also take on problem projects that some people shy away from. It’s a lot of work, but if you can successfully solve challenges, you can show off your skills and make a great contribution to your company.”
Brian Stovsky Offers These Tips For Recent Business

Brian Stovsky Offers These Tips For Recent Business