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Experimenta - Branding and UX

Experimenta Branding
Experimenta is a contemporary arts organisation based in Australia. They are a non-for-profit company that commissions contemporary artworks relating to digital media, transhumanism, biology and technology.​​​​​​​
My solution to the design of Experimenta was to create a visual language through the simple element of dots, which I first explored by creating a logo and wordmark that was reminiscent of contemporary gallery spaces, while still having a unique element using a dotted typeface. 

The visual language translated quite well through a website design, as well as printed deliverables.
Developing a website through Adobe XD was a really great way to reinforce the new branding, and it allowed me to test what typefaces and layouts would work well with the dotted language.
Website Design
One thing that I experimented with in this project was augmented reality. I had never created an AR experience before this, and I ended up learning how to use Adobe Aero to create a public display that anyone can augment in their own space. 

If you have an iPhone, simply scan the code to install the app, and then scan it again with your devices camera to place the object at home! 

You can then tap the display to play the sequence of images.
Thank you for viewing my project. Any feedback is appreciated!
Experimenta - Branding and UX


Experimenta - Branding and UX