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Nación de los Niños

A nation where happiness rules.

Nación Sushi is a renowned franchise that offers oriental fusion cuisine with a pop style, which has been conquering cities in Panama and abroad.

In 2017, the first restaurant with an area for children opened its doors, turning Nación Sushi not only a spot to go to dinner or celebrate, but also to spend pleasant moments with the family.

The challenge then consisted in giving identity to the "Nación de los Niños" (Nation of Children) and presenting a fun proposal for the "little ones" to be identified, but also conveying the essence of the brand.

Once upon a time in a distant town, a respected Chef dedicated himself to the culinary arts inherited from his ancestors. His dishes delighted even the most demanding palate and he was very popular. The Chef lived with his grandson, to whom from a very young age, he instilled discipline and love for cooking.
Since the boy knew about grandfather's secret recipes, he dreamed at night that sushi rolls were huge balloons, that noodles were long ropes of a swing, and that he would slide in a giant wonton over a mountain of ice cream from which a river of caramel sprouted. 
After playing until he was exhausted, he reveled in the delicious bites of extraordinary size.
One day he wondered, —What if I could make sushi rolls as big as in my dreams? I bet I can make the longest noodles ever seen before! — And so, little by little he gathered the ingredients he needed and took them to a secret place that only he knew. There, he began to prepare the gigantic delicacies.
During the day he studied and helped his grandfather, but at night the long hours left him exhausted. While he slept, he dreamed of the stars who came to ask him: —Why do you make such big sushi rolls? Will so many people come to have all that noodle soup?— Then the boy explained what he wanted to do: —I want to build a gigantic swing with noodles and float in the air with flying sushi rolls! I want to make a huge mountain of ice cream and slide into a giant wonton! Wooohooo!—
The stars amazed by his enormous enthusiasm, said to each other —It seems exaggerated but it sounds very funny as well. Let's help him!—

Every day he followed his strict routine: Studying in the morning, working with Grandpa in the afternoons, and continuing to build his delicacies park at night.

One good day, something incredible happened when he arrived at that secret place. The gigantic rolls of sushi were floating in the air, the kilometer-long noodles hung from the branches of the trees and huge mountains of ice cream that did not melt, seemed to reach the sky. Excited, the boy ran to the food and played all night. After having fun until he was tired, as was the case in his dreams, he delighted in sushi bites and yummy desserts to his fill.

Upon returning home, the stars approached him in his dreams and said, —We're glad you like the games in the secret place, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy watching you play.— Then the boy said: —I wish more children could come and play with me and eat the infinite desserts—
A few days later, children from different villages began to arrive at the secret place. The astonished Chef's grandson asked them: —How did you get here?— To which the children replied: —We saw that the stars began to shine very brightly, more than normal! and we followed them to this place—.

The child asked, —Has any adult followed you?— And they replied, —Some, but when we looked back, we just saw a bright cloud and we lost sight of them.— 

Realizing that the adults could not follow them, they decided then to call that place The Nation of Children, because only they could enter. There, peace, respect and joy ruled.

As time went by, word spread among the townspeople and everyone went out in search of that place of giant desserts that never ran out. 
People stared at the sky carefully to find those bright stars, but they seemed to shine only in front of the children. As much as the adults insisted, they did not see them, and every time they followed a child down the path to the secret place, they quickly lost sight of him or her.
Since then, a legend says that when stars are seen to shine brightly in an unusual way in the sky, it is because “The Nation of Children” is close by.
The end.

Client: Nación Sushi 
Year: 2017 - 2021
Scope: Storytelling, Illustration, Mural Painting

Bon Appetit!
Nación de los Niños


Nación de los Niños