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Voice Of Katla

K    A    T    L    A

Recent work for Netflix series Katla together with Reaktor Creative and Adventure Club. 

We created the background visuals for the performance of the Voice of Katla. The Voice of Katla is a musical piece by songwriter and composer Högni Egilsson where the volcano’s activity data is turned into music.​​​​​​​ 

A Boutique production​​​​​​​

3D animation: Harry Ahokas
Animation, compositing and editing: Jyri Pieniniemi
Art director: Johan Snell
Producer: Misha Lagerstedt

Agency:  Reaktor Creative &  Adventure Club
Client: Netflix

Quote from the jury of The Dutch Creativity Awards:

"This is award winning work as it’s very original and unique way of promoting a series of a very weird and little country. The jury felt this was a very effective and visually appealing way to drive awareness of a new show. High score on originality. It’s smart to promote content with content on its own - not just another trailer. The execution is beautiful yet lengthy. It’s an artwork in itself diving into the culture of the country. The use of data is visualised nicely and visually looks stunning. In the art world these visualisations have been done before - therefore we don’t think the campaign was groundbreaking, however it was so well done and original in it’s purpose that it deserves an award."

Voice Of Katla

Voice Of Katla