After 18 months of barely moving, we wondered how it would feel for train travellers when they finally get back on board.

It would feel like a relief, like the beginning of a new journey, like moving again.

Back to a life in motion, the passenger's return to mobility is magnified
by what evokes the movement of a train.


Each shot as been photographed as a series of plates that are then married together in post-production. The model was first shot in a series of poses. Then the trail plates were created using a mannequin, dressed in the exact model’s look, attached to a motorized track. The motion blur was then captured in the most technical and artful way, giving us enough physical details to obtain a more unique and authentic feel for the trails.

Client  Via Rail | Louis Lévesque, Philippe Normand, Mia Bergman, Alexandra Nasim
Agency  Cossette
Executive Creative Director  Louis-Philippe Tremblay
Creative DirectorS  Gilles Legault 
Lead Creative Team  Adrien Heron & Ugo Martinez
LEAD Art Director  Jessica Fecteau 
Art Director  Alex Jutras 
Vp / lead business  Nadja Décarie
Product Director  Nicolas Girault

Product Manager  Erica V. Themens 
Strategist  Jean-Claude Kikongi
Producer  Alexandrine Perras
English writer Chris Bélanger

Production House Colossale
Executive producers  Alex Auray, Kathi Ziolkowski
Photographer  Norman Wong
PHoto Assistants  Noel Araquel, Mikael Cosmo, Patrick Marcoux
Digital Tech Eric Brazier
Producer  Andrew Mcgrath
Stylist  Skye Kelton
Stylist Assistant  Talia Godin
Hair and Makeup  Luisa Duran 
Hair and Makeup Assistant  Andi Clifford 
Models  Axel, Rita
, Afiya, Daniel, Steven, Malentino, Gabi, Allison,
Seth, Shani, Travis & Donna
Retouchers  Sophie Forder, Vahakn Vorperian (Tweak)

VIA Rail - A return to mobility

VIA Rail - A return to mobility

Via Rail is the main train service connecting Canada from coast to coast. During the pandemic, the service was held to a minimum, preventing 4.39 Read More