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Bone - Social Headphones


The invisible headphones​​​​​​​
For current bone conduction headphones to be stable, they must sit over the ear, resting on your cheekbones. This bulky aesthetic makes them obvious when wearing, appearing unattractive and could be construed as antisocial. They are also impractical as they cannot be worn with certain hairstyles, helmets or hoods.
Bone conduction technology works by emitting vibrations through the skull, rather than through an ear canal. This means you can hear the outside world whilst listening to music.
The design resembles a thin hairband meaning it fits snugly to your skull and behind the ears.
It can be worn in your hair making it almost invisible or on top of your hair to smartly keep hair in place.
A grippy texture ensures Bone remains securely in place when in contact with the skin.
A type C charging port means consumers can use 1 cable for all their devices.
Designed for injection moulding.
The PCB is routed from one side of the headphones, to the other.
Bone is available in multiple hair colours and either matte or glossy finishes.
Varying colours give users the option to blend in or stand out.
Bone conduction technology allows sound to send vibrations through the skull so sound can directly travel to the inner ear – bypassing the need to travel via the outer and mid ear. It works in a similar way to standard wireless headphones and includes the following features;

- Connect to devices via Bluetooth.
- Touch sensitive playback controls.
- 3.1a fast charging.

The main difference is that it sits behind the ear rather than on it. This means that the actual product itself is completely hidden from front view. From the side, it shares a similar aesthetic to a standard thin hairband which can be covered by hair. Bone is the ideal solution for any scenario or environment
Bone - Social Headphones


Bone - Social Headphones

Bone is a low cost, discreet, headphone which utilises bone conduction technology to play music. This allows hearing-impaired individuals to enjo Read More