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da nyet — yes no
This work is the attempt to obtain a conscious mind, free from abusive dogmas and build a new vision of what being a designer means, review the legibility of its meaning, and find a new narrative amongst common structures. As the writer and artist Litia Perta wrote: >unintelligibility is the risk, and it is also the promise. Because what does it mean when you’re not understood but that somehow the system can not hear you see you hold you? That the things that have been legible you have somehow exceeded or undone, fallen underneath the radar of the readable or were not written into the laws of legibility to begin with? And so legibility can not be all there is and so it can’t be all there is to work toward, may even be what we need to work against.< 
Unlegibility is at the heart of the creative side of the project. The method of >randomness<, >developed< by Dadaists, will be the primary tool in creating graphics for the book but will only be applied to the design process of final compositions. However, the components themselves should be completed classically, using the basics of the harmonious architecture of forms. The graphic elements are also based on pre-existing shapes, such as fonts created by modern designers, >side effect< shapes from experiments, or textures from the outside world. This creative work aims to develop modern graphics, based on the principles of Dadaism, in harmony with the current trends in graphic design. Identifying meeting points will help make more conscious choices of the techniques and methodologies used without creating a >tracing paper< effect. 

da nyet — yes no