Children's Book Illustration - University Project
This is a university project I made three years ago. The brief was to design and bind a children's book based on a story of our fiction or a famous story. I chose the story of Gianni Rodari "Il topo dei fumetti" aka "The comic book mouse".
The story is about a mouse that is excluded by the comic book world and comes to the real world of cats and mice.
It is rejected by the mice that have blood and flesh and it feels so lonely that it goes and hide in a dark abandoned house. There it meets the cat of comic books and become best friends.
The tecnique I used in order to make a difference between the real world mice and cat and the comic book heroes is collage and photographs that were painted with a tablet.
I also used some doodles as a decoration element inside the pages and old paper textures in order to combine them with the collage illustrations.