bearmoose // 
Astonishing nose for delicious food and femme fatale; good partner for a one-time night out /
flower hedgehog //
Relaxed vegan yet can sting or bite deeply; minds its own business when left alone / 
goldsquid //
Great swimmer and weirdly avid fan of sushi; likes to shine when around people /
prototypes // 
friends lost but not forgotten /
behind the scenes // 
gray and raw /
the big three // 
or rather the big two and one tiny squid /
KOOLa ///
collection of custom-made characters also called figurines or art toys; all designs are original and based on a sphere (in Polish: kula - pronounced as koola); created using a pencil, 3D software, resin printer and a handful of paint, sweat and tears; the whole process was kept as environment-friendly as possible; no artificial acidic cleaners or alcohol were used // 

Thanks for viewing /