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anacoco Rebranding

Rebranding for anacoco.

anacoco is a Brazilian company who develops
original coconut based formulas for oils, foods and beverages.

With a handmade and confusing approach in the past, our mission was to prepare the company to focus on the external market, selling their products to United States, Australia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Europe in general.

The first thing we have done was to design a simple but remarkable logo for them, based on the letter "o", transforming it's empty space into an opened coconut shape.

For the colors, packaging and all the assets, we brought to life all the Brazilian Tropicality Vibration to communicate with a public 90% feminine, who wants a healthier nourishment and enjoys sports.

So, tell us your thoughts below:
is anacoco now prepared for the external market?

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anacoco Rebranding