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8Track Spiced Rum: Where the music starts!

Where the music starts: a feel-good rum brand for feel-good times! 
In 2020 8Track founders Matt and Jeremy combined their expertise in business and booze with a love for good music and social events. With independent music at the heart of their story, they came to us to help build a spiced rum brand that felt as lively and vibrant as the places it would be drunk. In response we created a contemporary identity that engages the imagination of rum and music lovers alike, and truly stands out in the spiced rum category. 

To position 8Track as a modern, feel-good brand and communicate its connection to the independent music scene, we went against the dark and nautical cues more typically found in the spiced rum category. Instead we created a vibrant, expressive and joyful identity with a bold brand name and logo, uplifting messaging and a lively illustration featuring playful references to music, party and flavour. Celebrating and supporting independent music and musicians is a core part of the 8Track identity, but to keep a mass-premium feel we wanted to avoid niching the brand by tying it to a specific genre or theme. With this in mind we focused on creating an identity that simply evokes great times drinking rum with live music and friends!

The Kingdom & Sparrow team were a pleasure to work with in creating 8Track.
They responded quickly with enthusiasm to our brief and at each stage of the process. Kingdom & Sparrow combine creativity and imagination with a strategy-led approach and a valuable appreciation of the drinks market. With 8Track, we wanted to create a distinct, stand-out brand, celebrating music, good times and doing things better – and the brand design certainly delivers this.
– Jeremy, Co-founder of 8Track
8Track Spiced Rum: Where the music starts!
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Kingdom & Sparrow