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Assos - ‘Unknow Your Limits’ ⁣
3D Motion

This campaign and film sees Bolder once again collaborate with agency Identity and the top Swiss cycling brand ASSOS. The film builds an other worldly scene with a narrative to showcase a super human power pulsing through the riders body. In-camera fibre-optics fx photography is combined with richly detailed CGI builds, projected textures, large scale renders and a range of simulations. Product attributes are represented in a deeply atmospheric environment and stylised in a characteristic way, to continue the brand story we started with our previous GTS feature.⁣


Client - Assos Of Switzerland
Production - Bolder Creative
CGI & Post Production - Bolder Creative
Agency - Identity Design
Bolder Director - David Farquharson
Additional Houdini Sims - Simas Gineika
Shoot Director - Kenny McCraken
Shoot DoP - Kenny McCraken
Campaign Edit Sound Design - Tom Joyce, Sound Canvas

Assos - ‘Unknow Your Limits’ ⁣