Coffee dripper designed for Empire Coffee.
Physical product design made by Uido Design Studio in May 2020

Limited Edition Dripper.
Empire wanted to make an exclusive and limited edition dripper to sell in their stores, after we comprehended their vision and did an initial research, we proposed a handmade product made with noble materials like plywood and ceramic.
We made 30 units only, converting it into the most unique product in the Empire’s store.

THE process

The client wanted a clean and geometric design to captivate their most coffee's enthusiasts and connoisseurs, so we started  the process with an intensive divergent stage of sketching looking to achieve the desired look and feel of the product.
After that, we made several models and prototypes to ensure that, besides the fact that is handmade, the final product accomplished to maintain a consistency in its shape and dimensions to be able to hold the standard paper filters and, therefore, to pour proper coffee every time.

To start with the hand-made production, we used 3D printing to make the model, and then we made the plaster molds in a single part. One of the main objectives of the ceramic piece was that the mold could be made in one piece to streamline the process. So we carefully look for the draft angles and edges to ensure a well unmold of the clay piece.​​​​​​​

In this video you can see the whole process from the early stages of design through sketching and modeling, the prototype and mold design, the production's process and even the final product with its packaging.

THE product

The ceramic dripper comes in glossy white, glossy black and even in dotted white, made by adding magnesium oxide to the enamel.
The drainage system consists of a 12mm hole in the center of the flatbed. This system allows a slow and controlled drip, which helps to make coffee with a deeper texture and a bold flavor. 
It has a removable flat base that comes in clear acrylic or plywood, with the Empire logo engraved on it. This base fits into the funnel in such a way that it prevents wobbling and allows for adequate dripping.


Physical Product Design by
Lautaro Lucero

Empire Coffee

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Empire Dripper

Empire Dripper

Empire Coffee was looking for a clean and geometric design to captivate their most coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs. We proposed a handmade p Read More