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3D Motion

These shots were made on lockdown. That's why I like to think that this experimental movie is like a bookmark in the timeline of my life, maybe just as a reminder of these strange times.
All of us went through so many changes and new experiences that It's good to think that those feelings made us stronger and made us reborn in some ways.
I really hope this little visual poem inspires you all in a good way.

Next, I would love to share with you some process and research. 
The most fun and frustrating part of every job,however, makes us happy when things go well.

Finally, some details that I love and you have to see before you go. All shot were rendered in 4K. 
(If you can, I strongly recommend that you watch it in 4k).

Thanks for watching! I Hope you like it.
Direction, Creation: Matias Furno.
I created the music based on the incredible work of Trevor Kowalski.
Thanks to all my family, friends and colleagues for their support and advice. I love them so much. <3