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Osiris - Reimagining a God to be Ruler and a Warden

Reimagining a God to be a transforming Ruler and a Warden with a cybernetic flare.
A WoW 2020/21 Entry
This garment is inspired by the Egyptian God Osiris, portrayed through a mech-inspired guardian design. Osiris, in lore and hieroglyphs, is represented as the King of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead. This garment mirrors these representations through two modes, The Ruler and The Warden. The Ruler portrays Osiris’s qualities of composure and grace through a streamlined silhouette, with blue lighting. The Warden shows the more aggressive and protective side. Activated by the unsheathing of weapons transforming the garment into an angular silhouette, with red fiery lights and the fairings on the hips lifting out from the body. We wanted to adapt the traditional image of Osiris into a more modern view, taking on an androgynous silhouette and expressing both the soft, kind side of their lore and the harsher realities through its transformative qualities.
Garment Story:
The story of making Osiris began at Victoria University where Siddharth was doing wearable technologies and had the concept of WoW shown to him through Anne Niemetz, a lecturer at the University. Through sharing the idea of making an entry Caitlin jumped in on the process. We decided that Siddharth would take on Lead Engineering, and Caitlin would take on Lead Designer (the roles were loosely defined, and we would bounce ideas off each other a lot). Osiris was built over the span of 2 years, completely from scratch

Siddharth has a love of mecha and sci-fi and wanted to create something that was a homage to traditional prop and costume makers such as pieces from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Thunderbirds. Together we did a variety of research into lore and fairytales, as these are the primarily inspiration of similar designs. We landed on the lore of Osiris, the Egyptian God of the Underworld, and found an interest in the contrasting ideas and ideology within his lore. We wanted to explore how we could merge this Egyptian God into a mechanical being. After some further research, Caitlin created a design that we felt expressed our concept well and started on the build. The whole garment was built in Siddharth’s small workshop at home, with very little outside help.

Early on we decided that Osiris needed to feel alive. By using Servo motors, and Arduino Uno, and NeoPixel Programmable LED Strips throughout the garment we were able to achieve this. It's hard to say how much time was spent on one particular component, however, a rough calculation equates to being over 1200 hours of R&D and construction and over 700 lines of code to create the functionality that we wanted. Being a garment that was a homage to traditional model making, our approach was fairly traditional, we wanted to make each part bespoke and work through each problem as they came. We used materials such as EVA foam, Styrene, and anything and everything that would work for the application that we wanted.

We wanted to create logos and decals that aligned with our Osiris theme. The hieroglyphics on the wings of the garment translate to the believed coordinates of Osiris's tomb in Abydos Egypt (26.1834° N, 31.9226° E). On the hip fairings, we have the hieroglyph that represents Osiris in Ancient texts. Below these symbols is the number 14 representative of the number of parts Osiris was cut into upon his death. Although dark, these are key moments talked about throughout the different interpretations of Osiris’s lore. Another important design feature is the silhouette of the garment from the back. Inspired by the scarab beetle, and how its wings and legs look from a top-down view. Looking at Osiris from the back the wires going into the backpack represents the legs and the wings and fairing expresses the form of a beetle’s wings. The transformative movement in the wings actuate a motion inspired by a beetle in flight.
Real Time Dressing Video
Osiris In Phase 1 Prototype
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Massive Thanks to the following people who have helped out in anyway possible with the project over the span of 2 years.

Anne Niemetz, Zoe Richards, Jesse Armstrong, Michael Mckinnon, Billy Chang, Marcus Casey, Darron Kea, Kiran & Bipin Mistry, Penny Fitt & Derek Simpson
Unfortunately Osiris didn't make it to the final show, but it did make it quite close, and considering we were only 2 people working on this full time, that's fairly rare

The judges had this to say:

Your garment has strong presence and I noted in the judging room that the technological aspects that you had explored were really appreciated by the judging panel. I would like to commend you for your work, we can see real potential and hope you will take what you have learnt this year and enter again in the future.
Osiris - Reimagining a God to be Ruler and a Warden

Osiris - Reimagining a God to be Ruler and a Warden