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Aviation Test Guide Website


Aviation Test Guide was an idea of a platform to teach basic aviation concepts and prepare students for the current course exams and help them become pilots in an easier, more interactive and fun way to learn. Unfortunately the project didn't go ahead, but the design pleased me a lot and accurately demonstrates my creativity in website development, uniting numerous skills in a great project.

At this step, we understand the targeted audience. What they do, how they think, and what they want can help you empathize with them and understand their perspectives. Creating a user-centric solution is essential.

People interested in airplanes in general, aviation, aviation students and anyone interested in becoming a pilot.​​​​​​​
Most people who participated in the research reported that it is very difficult to find rich content online and, when they do, it is always very difficult to navigate and study. The possibility to answer quizzes with similar questions to the aviation test, print study materials like flashcards and any other kind of study material or tools would be very nice to prepare for the test. 
Now any idea is welcome and quantity is better than quality. Searching for references and talking to others can help us think how the solutions should be, sharing ideas, mixing and remixing, building on direct and indirect references until we have a good amount of content to start the creation process.

A wireframe is a blueprint or schematic that helps communicate the structure of the interface.
This is a part of the first wireframe. That's how the header of the homepage was planned.

This is where ideas come to life. The purpose of the prototype is to validate the ideas of the previous step and finally create real and tactile representations that meet the needs of the targeted audience.​​​​​​​
This is the final version of the header, using good catch-phrases and a representation of a person becoming a pilot.

As mentioned before, unfortunately this project was discontinued and therefore we didn't get to test and implement it.

You can check below some other interfaces we created after wireframing. This one is a calculator for weight and balance of a Cessna 172 - a common need of new pilots who need to do this calculation before any flight. We created this tool in order to bring the targeted audience to our website.
We also created the member's area, where our users would have access to all the rich content of the platform, such as quizzes, articles, curiosities, challenges and much more.

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Aviation Test Guide Website


Aviation Test Guide Website



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