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Vanesa Muñoz - The Quantum Enigma
Vanesa Muñoz
The quantum enigma
We exist in multiple dimensions
Vanesa Muñoz is a quite unique abstract sculptress from Barcelona, her works are representations of mathematical equations, cosmic events, physical laws, or geometrical figures. One of her favorite books is The Quantum Enigma, she likes to read it before sleeping to leave all those crazy concepts floating in her mind when the world of dreams arrives. Ideas like the fact that atoms act like waves instead of solids and can be in two or more places at the same time.

One day she was having a nap after taking off her favourite shoes, reading it, and playing the musical saw for a while, when she had this fantastic dream in which she could float around her apartment with six arms working on her sculptures and painting them with amazing dexterity while drinking wine at the same time. At one point, she realized this couldn’t be true, as it defied the laws of the physical world. So she thought she must be dreaming. Normally, when you realize you are dreaming you immediately wake up, but the exotic plants she had by the window had been struck by a blow of wind, releasing a sedative pollen that allowed her to continue dreaming while knowing she was in a dream. When she reached this state of oneiric lucidity, she had a moment of enlightenment that allowed her to finally solve the quantum enigma. She realized she could be sleeping on the sofa and at the same time floating around her house because she was in two different dimensions of the same reality. Her physical body was lying on the sofa while her astral body was floating around the room. That is why a body or object can be in two or more places at the same time, because they are different planes of existence.

She had this feeling of what people call being “enlightened,” which involves abandoning your ego and having the sense you are just a part of everything. At this moment, Vanesa understood this experience has a logical physical explanation. In the astral plane, your mental body is also made of atoms, but she could actually feel the vibration of her body's atomic structure, she could feel how the electrons spinned faster. When the atomic structure of your whole body moves faster, you get disattached from the physical world, which is the densest form of matter. In the higher dimensions, your body becomes more sublime, and this disconnection from the denser material world is what makes you feel detached from your ego, as your ego is the denser version of the self. Then you realize you are just vibration, as anything else, the whole universe is vibration, particles entangled by energy fields dancing around each other. You become dematerialized by accelerating the atomic speed of your physical body and you move to a higher vibration dimension, that is the key to what people call a moment of enlightenment, it is actually a physical process.

The astral plane is not bound by the laws of the physical world, so it allows you to create your own reality instantly with amazing flexibility, as it emanates directly from your mind, allowing you to levitate, have six arms or any other thing you can imagine. In the physical world, things take time, as you have to transform your ideas into something physical. You need to densify the concepts coming from your mind into a material form. When creating a sculpture, for example, first you visualize it in your brain. The visualization is made of energy, and, as such, is flexible, you can modify it as you want, you can play with it in your mind. To make it physical, you need to condense this energy, transform it into matter. That’s why things in the physical plane take time.

As we normally can only perceive the physical plane of reality, we have reached the conclusion that it is the only one that exists, but it is not. The limits of our perception are what make us think this way. But there is a whole new reality beyond these limits. So never underestimate the power of dreams to solve the deepest mysteries of our world.
Vanesa Muñoz - The Quantum Enigma