Awesome Drawings
Hi friends, today we will talk about awesome drawings, cool drawing, amazing drawings , it is in fact the result of nothing but paper and pen.
3D scenes and objects decorated in these paintings demeanor like rising from a papers when people perspective them from a sold angle.
Although he is a professionally schooled airbrush artist, Alessandro Diddi and Ramon Bruin. All this work with just pen and paper. so let's to know some things about Alessandro Diddi, Ramon Bruin and this awesome drawings.
enjoy with this awesome drawings friends.

Alessandro Diddi :
Italian artist, Witty and talented artist in pencil drawing, Where the body of the incredible graphics using light and shadow which is able to fool the human eye.
He said: " All you need is a pencil and something to draw on, and you can create something really magical " and "My goal is always to create something new and original, which people will want to look at and feel intrigued by".
Some will say Photoshop, but in fact is real. 
So what you about this 3d drawing 
Awesome Drawings