Igniting Possibility.
Bright™ is a place for live conversations that offer a steady flow of [moments} leading to lasting impressions that spark an upward spiral in the world. Bright sessions enable two-way conversations, the passing of knowledge, and the wisdom that will open your mind to content you never knew existed and might just change your life.

We brought meaning to Bright by creating a unique [B} icon. Brackets are naturally used to enclose words intended to clarify meaning, provide a brief explanation, or to help integrate a quote into the writer's sentence. Our [B} icon mimics the custom bracket surrounding Bright. We use this bracket to enhance our headlines and create brand equity beyond our icon. The words mark is a custom drawn condensed sans serif with modern grotesque construction. The tall set lowercase ‘g’ evokes a friendly approachable feel bringing a lightness to the strong characters on both sides.
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Kristine Arth