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UNRAVEL | The very last fragrance of Yohji Yamamoto

UNRAVEL : The very last fragrance of Yohji Yamamoto
Unravel is packed in a bunch of meaningful layers, supporting the story behind the fragrance. The bottle has a mirror reflecting signature logo as well as the bottle owner. It is meant to communicate ‘true yourself’ - the final destination of Yohji’s journey. Yet the mirror is covered with yellow stripes to communicate obstacles to go through finding yourself.

The box is plain textured paper with literally nothing on it but embossed UNRAVEL. The true name is covered under the barcode -  official name for the fragrances 07|14 or 21|38. All the packaging text is on the outer sleeve, you have to take off one to get to the fragrance. That’s how you literally peel off the unnecessary.
Five years ago I started a very special journey.
Yes, from the very beginning I knew where it gonna end.
It was: go, search for new rules to violate.
But suddenly instead of destroying you find yourself creating.
Peeling off the unnecessary, stripping down to your core.
The journey brings you to yourself. This is it.
Unravel is the very last fragrance of Yohji Yamamoto.
Available worldwide as 07|14 and 21|38 mods.
UNRAVEL | The very last fragrance of Yohji Yamamoto


UNRAVEL | The very last fragrance of Yohji Yamamoto

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