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Dedication Sumo by Yokozuna

Dedication Sumo by Yokozuna
SSS & Translucent Yokozuna

Yokozuna is the title given to the top class fighters in Japanese sumo. Yokozuna is required not only to be strong as a fighter, but also to be dignified, responsible, and sincere. This is because sumo has long been a Shinto ritual held at Japanese shrines. Shinto is a concept of elemental worship that the Japanese have cherished for a long time, and Japanese shrines are religious facilities of Shinto.

Metal Figurine Yokozuna
Special Ritual Performance

In today's Japan, a ritual called "Yokozuna Dohyo Iri” is held in a famous shrines. "Yokozuna Dohyo Iri” is a special ritual performed only by Yokozuna, and is performed not only as a Shinto ritual but also before the league match. In this work, the character of the Yokozuna performing such a special ceremony and the structure called the Torii express the traditional culture of Japan.

Halftone Cel-Edge Yokozuna

The Torii is a specially shaped structure that stands at the entrance of a Japanese shrine. Torii can be seen in various places in Japan, and there is a theory that it is the entrance to the world of Deities from the human world.


In this production, I aimed to do various experiments with the expression of materials. So I decided to make an image with three kinds of materials. My personal favorite is the SSS & Translucent yokozuna. 

UGO MOTION ウゴモーション
Osaka Japan
Naoto Ono 小野 直人

3DCG : MODO(Foundry)
Retouch : Photoshop(Adobe)​​​​​​​
Dedication Sumo by Yokozuna


Dedication Sumo by Yokozuna