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Sun is shining

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Sun is shining

A local startup that tried to knocked at our door, but since our door is always open to this type of projects, they just came in. Sun is Shining a.k.a. SiS are superfood products, the idea to produce them started as a simple conversation between three friends and nowadays they complement our nutrition providing vitality, balance and power to face each day of the week.

We redesigned their packaging, using as inspiration the different landscapes in which the ingredients are produced. Since we were already knee deep in the project, we decided to give a little refresh to its brand for a better integration and sharper look with the new packaging proposal.
All of their products take into account tastes and interests of the healthy and young: organic, raw, Gluten free, 100% plant based and Non-GMO.
Branding & Packaging

Art Direction: Alfredo Enciso, Bruno Campos & Matti Vandersee
Graphic Design: Marcelo Jiménez
Product Photography: Mateos Muñoz
Food Styling: Jafet Hidalgo

Sun is shining