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Industrial Design
Freely change of limited office
creation of a new workspace Area
The purpose of AREA FLIP is to bring out smooth communication and a creative work environment by maximizing the flexibility and diversity of space by breaking the limits of the company's desk space and computer space.


In general office space, the use of space is standardized due to the complicated and many wires of the desktop and the limitation of movement of partitions and desks​​​​​​​

AREA FLIP maximizes the mobility of the work environment, changes and responds to the various situations and purposes of the company and continuously exposes employees to new environments to help them more productive and collaborative capabilities.

Structure Guide

Communication and Separation

AREA FLIP's board form can be used in meeting places or people working together on projects can gather in various places to collaborate and communicate. We can also move to an independent location and work in an unobstructed environment.
Freely Movement

Combining computer and desk space into one that can move and change our workspace to anywhere like simple luggage.
More productive and Visual environment

The two independent screens can be applied to various work environments with touch screen and multi-board method and the immediate connection of other additional hardware devices such as keyboard and mouse with the use of a single screen can be used like a normal desk environment.
Simplifying the use of Space

Store the AREA FLIP in the charging and docking space of the company without any lines or restrictions. The always cleanly arranged space can be flexibly used and changed according to various situations and purpose of company.
Expandability for
Personalized Hardware

No matter what kind of work or job we do AREA FLIP maintains the versatility and expandability of former computer hardware, so we can easily add and change the components such as Graphics card, CPU, Ram card, and Storages to our specifications.


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Design by Sangwoon Kim 

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