Little Wings

Hey people! I am presenting my new project 'Little Wings'. I've been inspired to create this series last summer in the Netherlands. It was a fantastic time living in the countryside away from noisy cities. I aslo would like to thank my Dutch friends for giving me such possibility!

Work on A3 paper using fineliners and india ink.

With this project I would like to summarize year of 2013. Unfortunately, this year I didn't devote enough time for my own creative work as I had to deal with a lot of issues. But I am leaving all this behind and next year hope to be more productive!

And one more thing - huge thanks for each and everyone who is supporting me! I am reading all your comments and feeling blessed that my works inspire you! Thank you! 

The Butterfly WIP
"The Butterfly"
The Fly WIP
"The Fly"
The Dragonfly WIP
"The Dragonfly"
The Bee WIP
"The Bee"