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Media: Digital -- Video/Audio

Music by Alex Ewin -- "13 - irth"

What is its artistic merit?

Thisis my attempt to illustrate the principles of Kinematics, andillustrating the practical uses of the Strong and Weak FundamentalForces.

What was my process?

I thought about the bestway to show principles of Physics as they related to visual aesthetics.My message is the exploration of chaos (theory) and uncertainty(Heisenberg's principle), and how those words relate to Physics. Inaddition, how those words are juxtaposed against the period in whichthis footage represents.

What do I want the viewer to get from it?

Begins to see how the world around them does not just appear that way, all things have causal effects.

Whatwas my concept? I started with a brainstorming session that startedwith the world "PHYSICS" and branched out based on the fundamentalforces then branched based on how they interact on a larger scale. ThenI proceeded to combine that with a visual/auditory effort.