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Fontfabric Type Foundry

Fontfabric Type Foundry
Corporate, Post & Animation
Who would've thought that fonts and hands play so well together? Handplayed teamed up with the digital type foundry Fontfabric to showcase their font-families and their usage with a kinetic type animation, while also capturing the team's high spirit, friendly professional environment, and smiling faces. With director Viktor Ivanov creating the concept almost from scratch, DOP Teodor Fichev skillfully bringing it to life on camera, and our own Alex Mitov creating the fast-paced motion as his first official project at Handplayed, we truly had tons of fun with this production.
Fontfabric Type Foundry
Corporate, Post & Animation
Director: Viktor Ivanov
DOP: Teodor Fichev
Prod. designer: Velichka Djambazova
Gaffer: Philip Penev
1st AC: Nicola Atanasov
Edit: Viktor Ivanov 
Motion graphic design: Alex Mitov 
Prod. coordinator: Leda Dragieva
Producer: Virginia Venkova
The Challenge
We hired Handplayed to create a short video that introduces who we are and what we do in a fun and exciting way.
How we did it
The overall idea of the videos was to give a glimpse of us as a close-knit team, our working process, our mission, and the work that we’ve done so far. Pre-production stage It was essential for Handplayed’s team (and their Director in particular) to get a very good understanding of our day-to-day dynamic and what we stand for to showcase them in the most natural and interesting way.
He spent quite some time with us in the office to observe us, discuss his ideas, generate new ones based on our conversations, and narrow them down to the best ones, which he combined in a shot list. Production stage We shot the entire video in one day. Our team was very pleased with Handplayed’s professional approach in the shooting process. They had formed a small but experienced team of professionals who knew what they were doing and directed us in an understanding and helpful way.
Post-production stage After providing Handplayed’s team with additional materials to include in the video, they began the editing process. We had set up a convenient and fast way of communication, and their team was very responsive and flexible in terms of asking us for feedback and sending us previews. They made us feel very included in the process instead of just sending us the final project, which we appreciate.
The Results
They understood and captured what Fontfabric represents and delivered that in a concise and interesting format for such a tight schedule.​​​​​​​
We believe that overall they did a great job with the assigned task, budget, and timing.
What they said
"They understood and captured what Fontfabric represents and delivered that in a concise and interesting format." - Lora Dimitrova, Account Manager, Fontfabric Type Foundry

Overall: 5.0
Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

Fontfabric Type Foundry

Fontfabric Type Foundry