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    An audio reworking of this gorgeous Audi ad. We like. Original Music & Sound Design by TheSoundButlers

You've got to love how Audi have developed their brand over the past 15 years or so. The've gone from stuffy high-end wannabe, to bold & beautifully sophisticated objects of desire. Aside from the proof being in the pudding so to speak, their commercials have consistently reinforced the idea that their engineering is on a par with the best Germany, or any country for that matter has to offer.
We've always been impressed by the commercials and their use of music and sound design, so rather than wait for the phone to ring we decided to have a go at doing our own one. Taking one of their more beautiful ads and re-working the audio from scratch; a redux if you will.
The original ad is stunning. Music scored by Basement Jaxx.
You can see it here www.youtube.com/​watch?v=mZC2219U6Co
Audi A7 Redux
~ Original Music & Sound Design by SoundButlers © MMX
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