As You can surely imagine, working on illustrations since about a life (well, the first silkscreen came more then 10 years ago), we’ve collected so many drawings You cannot even figure out.
We’ve pencils everywhere and, looking at them, we notice how different they’re from the final prints we’ve realized at the end of the process.
It’s a pity cause, during the first years, we were used to ink on the pencils, so a lot of them are missing, but there’re quite a lot of “variations on a theme”.
We decided it was time to give birth to a project that, hopefully, will last for a lot of time, a serie of line art little prints, very simple ones, taken from the pencils designs of our posters (and more).
We’ve worked on the first four pieces for now and they’ll be available from friday November 29th on our store (
All the prints are, of course…, handprinted on white raw paper, numbered and signed.
Stamped on the back and titled too.
And they are all 34 x 49 cms (we liked the idea of respecting the size of most of our original drawings)
First one is called “Tentacola” and it’s a limited edition of 105 pieces.
It’s the ink of the “Independent festival” poster we realized in 2007.
Gold to red shade and black inks.
Second one is called “scintilla” and it’s limited to 71 pieces.
It’s iridescent gold (difficult to see it on these pics) and black ink.
It’s the pencils of the OM print we realized for OM at Roadburn festival in 2009.
Third print is called “Preghiera” and it’s limited to 79 pieces.
It’s the pencils design of the Black Keys poster we realized in 2012 for their show in Milano.
It’s a silver ink layer and a shade from black to red.
Last line art print is called Demonia and it’s limited to 83 pieces.
It’s a silver and black inks print and it’s the pencils design of the Goblin poster of 2011.