• Coffee & Kitchen
  • Many people start their day with a hearty breakfast at Coffee & Kitchen, a little restaurant in Graz. It’s a perfect place for business people who have their offices nearby. Just a good destination: before, during and after work.
    You notice here that branding and architecture go hand in hand. Simple black and white colouring combined with natural brown cardboard match ideally with the interior design. Apart from the kitemark-like stickers on mugs, bags and co., Coffee & Kitchen does without printed materials. The hand-written lettering and friendly illustrations create a casual bar atmosphere. It’s young, fresh and consistent. Simple and up-to-date. And the food's good too.
    Client: Coffee & Kitchen (Markus P. Kovac)
    Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
    Art Direction & Graphic Design: Nicole Lugitsch
    Photography: Marion Luttenberger, Michael Gries
    Project Management: Angela Pilz
    Programming: Sissi Bieber
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