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    A re-brand of the International Student Identity Card Association.

International Student Identity Association

Identity Re-brand
The International Student Identity Card Association provides millions of international students with official forms of international student identification and the appropriate healthcare coverage for students traveling or studying abroad .  With the ISI card,  thousands of dollars/euro/yen/what have you worth of discounts are exclusively available for student cardholders on anything from hostel accommodations, apparel, food, travel, etc. Unfortunately, many of those discounts go unused due to a lack of effective communication between ISI and the cardholder.

Through a re-brand of the International Student Identity Card identity and operating structure, appropriate lines of communication are established or reinforced between the cardholder, discounted businesses, and the ISI as an entity, providing benefits to all involved. Special focus was given to a revamp of the website (the original/current one can be found here) and iPone app to give a more direct, efficient way of locating discounts and communicating with the cardholder.

Designing for Change
University of Kansas
Instructor: Jeremy Shellhorn
Fall 2010
Primary wordmark and abbreviated ISI wordmark
Business system
Website: Home page, search, social media
iPhone app showing search capabilities
Magazine advertisement