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    Re-design of 30Below's identity and application system.
30Below is a branch of ADMA (Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising) based in Sydney, providing networking opportunities and professional development for people working in the Marketing and Advertising sectors. Through 30Below, leading figures are engaged with the wider industry, different groups of the industry are brought together, culminating in a platform to foster opportunity, of showcasing professional talent, skills and the sharing of a collective knowledge.
Explanation of the new identity

The new logo functions in two ways, firstly a strong focal point is formed in the connection between the two numerals by the use of one extended line. This forms the crux of the logo’s strength and is the point of visual representation to communicate 30Below’s core idea
—of helping and connecting people in Marketing, Advertising and Communications.

Secondly, the logo accentuates the precise geometry of the DIN typeface through the curvature of the numerals. This creates an inherent undertone of association between the two brands since
ADMA uses the same typeface.