GIANT Cycling Culture Museum
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GIANT: Cycling Culture Museum
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Wheels of the Times
Walking on the historical track: from two-wheeled vehicles to modern bicycles, from the European streets back in 1817 to Taiwan industry, which leads the world cycling trends and inventions, we will take a glance at the glory of bicycles over 200 years.

Disassemble and Subdivide
There have been numerous evolution on bicycle materials, frame shapes, wheels and parts. Physics, fashion and cycling science all have impacts on the craftsmanship of bicycles. Here in the museum you will get to learn more about bicycles from the scientific angle.

Mountain Biking
So many things you can do with your mountain bike: off-road, trails, downhill, even vertical climbing or high-speed swoop. It takes endurance, concentration and of course, riding skills. When you have them all, you will set yourself free by “flying” in the forest.

Road Racing Palace
The popularity of cycling comes from professional team races, such as Tour de France. Cycling has transformed from a commuting option to a favored sport. Seeing how road racing athletes make all-out effort, work with their teammates and apply strategies - all for winning in the sprints.

Right Ride
You are unique - your body, personality and preferences are all different from others. So is your bicycle. How do you choose a bicycle suitable to you? Moreover, except for commute, what else can you do with your bicycles, simply to bring more fun?

Bike-Friendly City
How to build up a cycling-friendly city? In addition to government planning on traffic routes, public bicycle system, transfers between different transportation and traffic regulations, etc, You are also needed to create a bicycle-friendly environment.

Ride with us
Get away from the hustles and bustles in the concrete jungle, hop on your bicycle - with your very own speed, you will find the joy of ride right in the moment.

捷安特 自行車文化探索館
GIANT Cycling Culture Museum

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Client: GIANT
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Project Manager: William Liu
Producer: Hoba Yang
Creative Director: Jay Tseng
Art Director: Ting-An Ho
Techical Director: Nate Wu
Hardware Director: Prolong Lai

Programming: Nate Wu, @chwan1, Hoba Yang, Gim Chuang
Planner: Jay Tseng, William Liu, Chianning Cao
Visual Design: Ting-An Ho, Lynn Chiang, Hauzhen Yen, Glenn Huang, KeJyun Wu, Chianning Cao, Bei-En Wang, XingMei Wu, Liwei Chang, Tz Shiuan
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Technical Execution: Prolong Lai, Herry Chang, Ting-Yu Li
Mechanism Design & Execution: Prolong Lai, Diao Chiu, Yen-Hsiang Huang, Jye-Wen Yang, Chia-Wei Lin, Gu Mi Factory, Dong Huan Technology, Aroboto Studio, Hong Chiang Technology, Fengying Iron Material, Cheng Yu Space Art, Weisen Zhao
Mounting Supports: Yu-Ching Wu, Jye-Wen Yang, Chia-Wei Lin, Chia-Yun Song, XingMei Wu, Ting-Yu Li, Alex Lu, Liwei Chang
Projector Engineering: Qingtian System Technology
Sound System Engineering: J-Well Systems
Lighting Design: Dazai Chen
Score & Sound Design: The Flow Sound Design, Zhen-Yang Huang (Triodust), Your Own Studio, Ń7ä
Voice Acting: Jiazhang Xie, Manxuan Guo, Shuxin Ren, Chaomeng Wang
User Experience Consultant: Dan Wu
Copywriting Translation: Kim Huang
Space Arrangement: Cogitoimage International
Videograph: Ray Chang, Ting-Yi Chuang
Special Thanks: Isa Sung, Wayne Wang, Ya-Ju Lu, Miao Lu, Fang Jing Hsu, Jinlun Ho

GIANT Cycling Culture Museum