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Cemzaman video
​​​​​​​Cemzaman challenge case study

The Cemzaman Challenge is a competition that was conceptualised to build awareness around the strength and durability of Cemza cement, a fairly new player into the South African Cement market. The challenge was a truly daunting endurance test for Cemzaman, aka Riaan Manser and his Cemzaman Sidekick Johan “Pottie” Potgieter. The two adventurers were required to get from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town (no car, no bus, no train, no plane), a journey of 800kms, in just 7 days, while lugging a 50kg bag of Cemza cement. I designed the look and feel and storyboard for the Cemzaman case study, keeping in mind the key features of the competition (Strength / endurance / fast pace).

Credits: Creative Director: Martina Bogusch | Designer: Marilyn Ekoka | Copywriter: Carole Watkins | Client service: Natalie Thom | Agency: Xfacta

Cemzaman video