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Minimal Touch
Graphic Design
Minimal Touch for yymmdd studio
Photo by KKJ Photography
yymmdd studio had to make a new business card. But we wanted our business cards to be special. And I hoped that it was also born in the design of yymmdd. However, we had to make the most impactful product through the least amount of processing.
First of all, we decided to make business cards with a stamp rather than a printing method. Because that way we can use that stamp in many different ways. And it had to impress the recipient. Especially for new designers. In order to do that, it had to be beautiful beyond unique. We wanted it to look like a block of objects when they put it on their desk. So, we studied how to utilize the characteristics of each material with minimal processing.
The traces left by the NC machining tools on aluminum, the minimalistic beauty that only the color design element gives. In order for the characteristics of these materials to be more prominent and revealed, they must be extremely simple in format. 
Therefore, additional design elements were completely excluded, and only the characteristics were revealed.
So we decided to call it 'minimal touch'
Minimal Touch