The Dominican Republic
The following photos are from a shoot organized with Jay Alexander Santosfor the promotion of The Dominican Republic t-shirts.

Models Alex Aroa and Erika Olasiman were photographed by Ian Traquena and Stel de Vera of the UST-CFAD iObscura Photography organization and styled by Mark Buenaobra and Raxenne Maniquiz.
The "UST: One two three... FOUR!" t-shirt design is a playful take on the popularity of the big sculptural letters inside the UST campus, popular among visitors and students alike as a photo opportunity.

I designed the t-shirt myself prior to joining The Dominican Republic, but later sold a small quantity at a pop-up shop under the project's label.

My first collaborative project with The Dominican Republic was the "Keep Calm and Count Centuries" t-shirt graphic. People say they love it, but "want it on a black shirt". We sold all stocks out, anyway. 
Copy for the "Keep Calm and Count Centuries" t-shirt graphic collaboratively designed with Jay Alexander Santos

It was intended as a pun for the British "Keep Calm" posters, resurfacing as a fad in social networking sites at around that time. "Counting Centuries" refers to the four hundredth founding anniversary of University of Santo Tomas, celebrated in January 2011.
Short on both cash and the necessary permits, we decided set up a pop-up shop inside the campus to clear the remaining stocks of previous designs. We chose to hold it during the annual Paskuhan concert, a move that later (after two hours, to be exact) turned out to be a great success.
"Tiger bank" character design and illustration; poster design for the Paskuhan pop-up shop;
We also released a huge batch of button pins for The Dominican Republic in January. Banking on positive feedback garnered for the "Tiger Bank" character design, I decided to modify and layout the illustration for my pitch in this project:
Button pin designs;
Sticker design and copy for packaging;
Other designs are by Jay Alexander Santos
Another release was a t-shirt graphic three months after the success of our first pop-up shop. We did another shoot to promote it with models Dianne Manzano and Mark Buenaobra (yes, stylist for the first shoot!) photographed by Raxenne Dosher Maniquiz (yes, also stylist for the first shoot!).
"Four Freaking Hundred" t-shirt graphic collaboratively designed with Jay Alexander Santos and Raxenne Maniquiz. Contributions were copy and typography.