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Junk Age - AR Storyworld by Marc-O-Matic
"In a time, long after our own, the land is covered in an endless sea of junk.
Discarded skeletons of ancient machines, scraps of finely woven fabrics and traces
of precious metals are all that remain. The elders tell their people legends, of mysterious creatures that once roamed the land, before the junk.

Yesterbeasts, they call them..."

G'day, I'm Marc-O-Matic from Melbourne, Australia. I'm a Multidisciplinary Artist, Animator & Technologist who creates Art and Storytelling experiences across Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. My interests are centred around video games and storytelling, particularly interactive storytelling and world exploration. Diving into AR lets me combine these interests together and allows me to build immersive artworks and environments for audiences to explore. It also lets them interact with the details and characters up close, creating more of an intimate connection between viewer and subject matter.

For this Project, I created a fictional storyworld called the Junk Age which explores
a future state of the world covered in endless seas of junk. 
I've been fond of a movement of storytelling called Future Folktales that tell stories and fables not from our past but from glimpses of our potential future based on modern society's trajectory. As modes of storytelling continue to evolve with the technology we're surrounded with, Augmented Reality was the most fitting medium to share this fictional storyworld. 
Scan the QR Code below to Summon this experience. 
(Adobe Aero Required. Available on iOS and some Android Devices)
Fusing Analogue Illustration
with 3D & Immersive Media
Being involved in the AR/VR space for over 5 years now, I still aim to embrace an Analogue aesthetic that is applied to my 3D work. All the texturing and detail in my 3D models are sourced from original hand drawn illustrations. The process involves scanning the drawings, turning the drawings into texture maps and then applying them onto 3D representations of the original drawings. I find using an analgoue aesthetic helps create a more natural connection between the physical and digital space.
Behind the Art
My process involves a number of steps across different applications. Below is a break of the tools used across the production of the Junk Age.
Using Adobe Aero I will be demonstrating how you can choreograph a sequence of events to bring your story to life, including initiating animations and sound effects. I will also be showing you how to create Interactive button elements in your scene so that you audiences can progress through the narrative. 
Created, Animated & Augmented by Marc-O-Matic
Music by River Boy (Narayana Johnson)
Voice by Nikki Candian (Hardy Audio) 
Curated by Adobe Community Manager Carrie Gotch
Junk Age - AR Storyworld by Marc-O-Matic