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Key Benefits Of CVD Diamonds You Must Know

Key Benefits Of CVD Diamonds You Must Know
Planning to get a diamond ring? And you are confused, right? Which one should you get – cvd vs hpht or hpht vs cvd?

Well. You are not alone. Most people have similar confusion. They cannot determine which one to select. So, they are perplexed. In fact, people have the idea that natural diamonds are the best. But the reality is a bit different.

However, after going through this post, you will know the CVD diamonds. They are no less inferior than their natural counterparts.

So, let’s break the twist between natural and lab-grown diamonds and know their benefits. 


First of all, the CVD diamonds are purer than those collected from mines. They are free from common flaws like having dirt or impurities. For the fewer defects, they glow more than natural diamonds. The structure of such diamonds is also praiseworthy. It happens as those are manufactured with great care. So, they are brighter.


Further, the CVD diamonds are friendly to the environment. They are manufactured in laboratories under experts’ care. So, the common practice of mining is not available here. Consequently, there is no digging, no exploitation of workers and no habitat destruction. On the contrary, they look lovely, stylish and attractive.   

Traceable source

At the same time, you can track the source of the HPHT diamonds. It is possible to know from which lab the diamonds have been manufactured, when they were manufactured, etc. But this is not possible with natural diamonds. Usually, natural diamonds are mined from several regions. So, you cannot track them.


Price is another issue to consider as natural diamonds cross different regions and borders. Moreover, the inflation of currencies also has some impacts on them. Consequently, they are a bit costly. Alternatively, the lab-grown diamonds do not have any such issues. Relatively, they are cheaper.

Size matters

Diamonds from mines are smaller in size. You have to be satisfied with what you have. But their lab counterparts are larger in size. As those are manufactured in laboratories, the technicians can determine the size and shape. It’s a plus, indeed.
Key Benefits Of CVD Diamonds You Must Know

Key Benefits Of CVD Diamonds You Must Know


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