The Project
Sonic Youth Press-Kit, was a great job in college, which involved efforts beyond the graphic design brief was to create a press-kit that was sent to press by launching a supposed new movie and CD of the band.
We created the concept of collection we used six CDs with the band's best recordings, each CD represents a major change and shows a lot of personality of each musician was what we wanted to make it clear that the Sonic Youth and an experimental band that is always evolving and proposing new ways of making music.

The format of the box was inspired by Moonland that is a musical instrument of 18 strings, the sound is always amplified electronically by Yuri Landman built for Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth.
Wood Box
Six music CDs  (unrecorded)
Six shapes to store CDs
Booklet with photos
Two cinema tickets
Protective cap

The wooden box was a large project where we can apply the concepts of packaging and product design, the lid of the box was finished handmade with the technique of burning wood, the material used was the pine for its softness, lightness and color clear.

Alan Alves, Igor Almeida, Saulo Tironi
Art Director: Alan Alves, Igor Almeida
Production: Alan Alves, Saulo Tironi, Igor Almeida
Finishing handmade Saulo tironi