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    A superhero work in progress
This project is my primary study on male base-character anatomy.  It's a study not just of the particulars of what makes a character believable or realistic, but also an exploration of the current cultural standard.  I'm seeking to find a better understanding of current social boundaries in art and film, and how that relates directly to anatomic structures of the face.  Is there such a possibility as a universally-identifiable form?
How much does ancient clan-based partner selection bias influence an average modern individual's capacity for suspension-of-disbelief?
Are there particular cue points, such as the bridge of the nose, brow, etc, that people subconsciously look for when making determinations about self-identification and/or classification?
What are the limitations of artistic rendering in addressing and broadening the scope of identification?

How does the (past as well as emerging) economic model of the film industry impact the available tactical and strategic options?

How does emerging technology impact this paradigm?

Please pardon me while I make many mistakes stumbling through a highly-charged and personal arena.