Bitmap Landscapes (2002 - 2021)
Since 2002, I have been working on series of abstract landscape drawings that take inspiration from geological processes, astrophotography and other natural phenomena.
Basic element of the series consists of the single pixel. By only using MS Paint software, I continuously create/recreate drawings in an open ended process. It is always a new version of a landscape that emerges, just like the natural processes themselves, both in their construction and erosion.
Landscapes Exhibition (Nesrin Esirtgen Collection, Istanbul, 12.2013 - 04.2014)
Since 2002, Bitmap Landscapes evolved into 4 sub series. ​​​​​​​
Linear Series (2003 - 2010)
Textural Series 1 (2007 - 2021) 
Textural Series 2 (2009 - 2021)
ClearType Series (2010 - 2021)

Bitmap Landscapes

Bitmap Landscapes


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