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The Illusion of Entropy

3D Art
T  H  E    I  L  L  U  S  I  O  N    O  F    E  N  T  R  O  P  Y


A Surreal Story about Human Instincts
Inspired by Ancient Civilizations

Eagle with Broken Chain

This is the sequel of my last series “Dust of Time”, the beginning of a new story that speaks of the human being in more depth, analyzing instincts and ancient memories combined with our ability to imagine the future.
The first illustration is inspired by Native American culture. This character represents the warrior who fights for his cause, for his culture, tradition and family, opening his vision to a particularly changing future scenario. Overall this image enhances characteristics such as the ability to reach compromises but at the same time the will to go all the way, fighting and bringing out every possible side. This character also represents a primordial characteristic typical of each of us, that is the survival instinct, that thing that, combined with freedom, unites us with all the other living beings on the planet and that gives us strength to do what we have always done over time.

Rotten Future

This illustration is inspired by the ancient Babylonian civilization and concern the millennial instinct to manipulate, steal, cheat and blind. In particular this character represents a classic authoritarian figure with a double purpose that is to promotes his campaign by exploiting positive ideals for justified negative real ends. All this is seen in a dystopian light that allows us to analyze alternative ways of reality. Moreover, technology is increasingly characterizing the world we live in and the near future, but there is a risk that it will not be used in the best possible way by limiting it due to money and corruption or diverting it for purposes of mass destruction. For example, a plane can carry people but it can also carry bombs. Some of us win against our demons, others are overwhelmed.

The Safe Keeper

This illustration is inspired by the great civilization of ancient Egypt and concerns the ability to guard precious items and defend them for the good of many. This character represents the magnificence, expressed by the excessive use of gold, of technological evolution evolved in order to be in symbiosis with the past and with the tradition of a particular people, so that this sees the future in a totally new way . This entire bust of the character is armored and fused with a gigantic pyramid and this is the symbol of protection and defense, visible above all from both armed arms. The left arm, unlike the other which is completely mechanical, is wrapped in old blankets and holds a scythe at the end, a symbol of harvesting and research at the same time. Then, the open face represents the object to be guarded, that thing that each of us, since the dawn of the human race, has always tried to keep. The object of custody represents both something to be protected and our purpose in life.

The Elegance of Secrets

This illustration is inspired by the peoples of ancient Russia and concerns the ancient ability to keep a secret and the art of concealing. This character represents the one who guards information, a knowledge that few know and who tries to keep it as such to avoid justified potentially negative consequences. His bust and head express the ability to conceal through the use of confusing detail. The hourglass on the other hand represents the secret itself which may even have hidden potential for the keeper himself.

Violent Cunning

This is the last illustration of "The Illusion of Entropy" series and is inspired by the ancient Roman civilization. I can therefore say that this piece is particularly familiar as I am Italian. The whole image concerns the constant that has always accompanied humanity from the beginning, that is the love of money and corruption linked to violence. This character expresses the power of the highest authorities expressed by the red tunic and the book, which represents culture and knowledge, and also represent the violence expressed by the body of a robotic warrior mixed with a human body formed only by the muscular layer. This union between philosopher and warrior is the perfect mix to reach the ultimate goal that justifies most of the inhuman acts carried out over the millennia, namely money and power. The head is a skull, a symbol of death and has a gladiator helmet, ready to get dirty with blood, while in place of the brain there are gold coins, symbolizing that money is the only purpose of certain individuals with power. The whole scene is centered on the use of the red color to symbolize the presence of blood and therefore violence. Then, the chest is covered with holograms and futuristic signs and this represents both the corrupt heart of the same entity and the fact that that presence is part of a vast and complex code. This is a symbol of hope because that code can be understood and improved, changed or simply there is the possibility that the same individual will self-program for a systemic upgrade so that he can understand and open his eyes.

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The Illusion of Entropy


The Illusion of Entropy